SEX, Love & Money

Today I’m just going to launch into it! Hopefully I have your attention now. Universally, we all have a desire to love and be loved, to have unlimited financial freedom and to enjoy this universal playground that has been presented to us. As far as we know (in our somewhat limited perspective), we’ve got one life, right here and now. The big question is how are you living it? Are you fulfilled in all categories of your life? Are you living a life of purpose? Are you operating from a mindset of scarcity or mindset of abundance? And if you are living a life of scarcity, how can those blocks be removed to allow more abundance into your life? Let’s start toscratch the surface.Sex, love and money all have one thing in common and that’s energy! We are all energetic beings, therefore we all put out a vibration. To experience harmony, balance & wellbeing in every aspect of physical life, it is important that all the layers of vibrating energy that contribute to our existence function together as an integrated whole. Science has discovered that everyliving organism, from small to great, emanates and is affected by fields of energy. See the following article if you want to further your knowledge: : .This can get a little complicated but essentially what we put out into the world around us is what we get back in return. If sex, love and money aren’t flowing to you in abundance it could mean you’ve got some blocks that need to be addressed.
Here are a 4 ways you can raise your vibrations and shift your scarcity mindset to one of abundance:

You are not your thoughts! Let me just repeat that…YOU are not your thoughts. It is easy to become unconscious of our thoughts when we are bombarded by a million of them each day. Pay attention to the negative ones so you can recognize them and then shift from those thoughts. Place sticky notes with positive affirmations on your dashboard, on your bathroom mirror, your computer or any place you view them consistently. Speak only lovingly of yourself and others. Practice awareness of you thoughts and words and practice letting go of judgemental thoughts of yourself and others.

If someone has hurt you, instead of feeling anger and resentment, try shifting to forgiveness. Holding onto anger only lowers our vibrations. This low level of vibration can manifest into all sorts of unhealthy and unwanted disease. However if you focus on empathy, compassion and forgiveness you will heal and feel lighter. This is by far the most challenging but also the most important step to raising your vibes. I recommend finding a good guided meditation that focuses on forgiveness and practice that mediation daily.

Your tribe says more about you than almost anything. Surround yourself by people who match you and elevate your energy. Your tribe wants to see you succeed and in turn you can help them on their path. A supportive tribe of friends and family is everything when it comes to living a life of abundance. When you raise your vibration, you will attract the people who reflect your good energy. Spend time in places that feed your soul, doing the things you love and giving yourtime to causes you care about. Your tribe will be there with open arms to welcome you in.

If you really think about it, almost all beliefs are limiting beliefs. You’ve heard the term “sky’s thelimit”. Yes, even this is a limited belief. Because there is no limit. Sky is just a concept or perception. What are your limiting beliefs about sex, love or money? Think back to things you were told as a child about sex, love or money. Did your parents ever tell you “money changes people”? How about money is the root of all evil? Or how about you need money to make money? These are limiting beliefs. What were you told about sex or love? If you were brought up in a religious home, maybe sin was attached to sex. Or maybe you were told it’s only for procreation. Maybe your concept of a loving relationship was limited because your parents were unable to show you what a loving relationship looks like. Recognize that most people havelimiting beliefs and they will try to give you advice from their limited perspective. If someone tellsyour greatest passion or obsession is a good hobby but it will never make you money, just remember, they are operating from a lower vibration or limited perspective. Banish limiting beliefs by journaling, spending more time in nature, and meditating daily. Experiment with some energy healing workshops such a breathwork, Kundalini yoga, or Reiki. Now set your intentions for the unlimited things you’d like to create and welcome into your life.With a mindset of abundance, you can have, do or be anything. Let go of limiting beliefs. Ask and you shall receive…

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